ACTiV8 is a unique (and growing) community collaboration that includes numerous non-profits, businesses and schools providing Ecker Hill Middle School, South Summit Middle School, Park City Day Middle School and Treasure Mountain Junior High students with fun after school activities on early release days. Because teen/tween-agers have different needs -- and wants -- than their younger, elementary school friends and relatives, all ACTiV8 offerings were developed through brainstorming sessions with students.  The outcome was courses specifically crafted for middle school and junior high students including Teen Iron Chef, MOVE Conditioning by CrossFit Park City, Skateboarding with Skullcandy and more!  Multiple activities are offered each month with students having the option to choose one.

ACTiV8 focuses on developing eight lifestyle qualities: Accountability, Confidence, Equality, Inspiration, Kindness, Leadership, Respect, and Versatility. Students are given a “community passport” after their first session and are responsible for obtaining signatures from instructors after each activity. Upon completing eight activities (one of which must include CPR), students receive a Park City ACTiV8 Award. The CPR requirement (Accountability) allows students to earn money as babysitters or from other organizations around town.

Ecker Hill

Treasure Mountain

Registration Closed Apr 30  | May 07 , 14 , 21
Registration Closed Apr 30  | May 07 , 14 , 21

South Summit Middle School

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